Fried Eggs with Dried Turkish Sausage: Sucuklu Yumurta

Sucuklu yumurta is a very simple breakfast dish that only requires two ingredients: eggs and sucuk.

Sucuk is a special Turkish dried sausage made with either beef or lamb and seasonings such as cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper. The mixture is fed into a sausage casing and dries for several weeks before it is sold. The simplest way to cook sucuk is to slice it and allow it to cook in its own oils.

Buy sucuk from a trusted butcher whenever possible to be sure no unnecessary fillers have been added to the sausage. The best butchers will make their own sucuk, which tastes much better than the mass produced versions. In Turkish villages, many people often make their own sucuk.

If you are visiting Turkey, you may find sucuk on many breakfast menus; however, most restaurants use relatively cheap sucuk which cannot compare in flavor to the higher quality ones found at a butcher or in specialty shops.

This dish is best served alongside typical Turkish breakfast items: sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, beyaz (white) cheese, jams, fresh bread, and black tea.


Serves 2-3

1 piece of sucuk, about the length of your thumb, sliced thinly
3 eggs
Optional: red pepper flakes

  1. Place slices of sucuk into a non-stick skillet and cook over medium-low heat. Sucuk will begin to shrink a bit and give off oils.
  2. Flip sucuk once to cook both sides, but do not allow to become crispy.
  3. Crack eggs into the skillet.
  4. Cover and allow eggs to cook until they reach your desired consistency.
  5. Sprinkle with spices and serve hot with bread to soak up the runny egg yolk.

Tips and Additional Information:

To make this dish healthier, there are two main modifications you can make. First, use less sucuk (thinner slices). The flavors from the oils that the sucuk gives off when cooking will still permeate the dish and make it very satisfying. Second, use only egg whites!