Vocabulary for the Farmer's Market (Pazar)
Turkish Cheeses

Online Resources (Teach Yourself)

  • Turkish Tea Time- This has been one of the most helpful ways for me to learn Turkish outside of the classroom because they make the lessons really fun and entertaining. It is also not very expensive and you can download the lessons to listen to on your phone/computer! It is a great starting point, and also very useful supplement to language classes. 
  • CleverDeck (app for phone)- Language learning flashcards that include photos of words and example sentences. You can even customize your cards by themes that you want to work on (ex: business language, food terms, etc). 
  • Duolingo, Turkish
  • CoolJugator - an awesome resource for verb conjugations with many languages, including Turkish! 
  • bab.la - Turkish-English and Turkish-German dictionaries

Classes (Istanbul)

Bilgi University